Latex Color Chart

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Decor Design 

Our quality balloons are available in a wide selection of colors, sizes and finishes.  See our Color Chart for available color choices.   We use a variety of items flowers, ribbon, tulle, glitter, etc to enhance your designs as needed.  We want your event to be extra special, if we don't have anything below to fit your budget, please call and talk to one of our Artistic Designers to create packages to fit your budget.   

Microfoil Color Chart:

Microfoil Color Chart.pdf

Promotional PackagesPrice List 

Budget Package: Everything you need to enhance your event without all the cost.

6 --small centerpieces

1--16' span of string-o-pearl arch

2--5' braided column with topper of choice


Silver Package: Perfect to give your small event that large appeal

4--5' columns with topper of choice

4--18' span of string-o-pearl arch

10--small centerpieces


Gold Package: Includes everything in the silver package plus:

4--9 balloon bouquets 

3--floating topiaries

1--20' braided spiral arch

Individual Pieces:

Balloon Arches:  A great way to decorate the entrance to your event.  Arches can be small to go over a table or large to walk through.    Can come in a variety of colors and styles. 

String-o-Pearl Arch: Can be perfect for over a table standing alone or combined with 2 columns for a more dramatic effect.  ( Filled with Helium)

Garland Arch:  Can be perfect for over a table or stand alone to enhance an entrance way. (Air filled with framing)

Quick Link Arch: Can be perfect for over a table or can stand alone around a doorway. (Air filled with no framing)

For anything over 12' wide (street arches), call for pricing.  

$6.00 per linear foot

$12.00 per linear foot inside/ $15.00 per linear foot outside

$7.00 per linear foot

Balloon Bouquets: Bouquets are available in quantities from 3 balloons up to 7 balloons either stacked or staggered.  Prices below for latex 11" or 16"  latex balloons.  Foils and special balloons (hearts, smiley faces, character, etc.) and 36" balloons are available to enhance your bouquet.  Call for pricing.

3 balloon bouquet: 14.95/TB       19.95FB

5 balloon bouquet: 19.95/TB     24.95FB

7 balloon bouquet: 24.95/TB      29.95FB

Range from $14.95-24.95 for Table Bouquets

Range from 12995-29.95 for Floor Bouquets

Columns: Available in solid, spiral,  twisted in 2-5 colors maximum.  They can range from 4-12 feet tall.  Columns can be customized to fit your theme.  Several toppers are available to chose from.  

4' Column--$55.00




12' Column--$125.00

Range from $55.00-$125.00

Floating Topiaries: Available with 12-15 balloons.  Topiaries make great back drops, accent piece to fill a space or accentuate an area or as use as centerpieces.

 Start at $65.00 and go up

Centerpieces: Come in a variety of sizes and designs.  Centerpieces can be customized for your special event to top tables or made as an individual piece for that someone special to make their day.  Centerpieces can be lighted or not; basic to outlandish in style.  Whatever your needs, the centerpieces can be structured.  Lights are extra.

Start at $15.00 and go up to $65.00

Stuffed Balloons:  Balloons filled with candies, goodies, etc... Come in various sizes and themes.  Great for anniversary, college/high school graduations, birthday parties, Valentine's Day.  

Prices start at $40.00

Grand Decor: Great for grand openings, fairs, festivals and car dealerships.  Very large pieces to make a dramatic effect at your event.  

Cloud busters: Up to 100' Helium filled string of 16" balloons

Column: 14" Column with Large star on top

Large Topiaries: 12 Balloons clustered together and hung from the ceiling--multiple color choices.

Call for Pricing

Twisted Designs:  Specialty designs that are twisted for to celebrate a birthday party, retirement party, baby showers, or just to brighten some ones day.  

Start at $5.00 and go up.  Call for pricing

Delivery:  We will delivered your design to your someone special to say happy birthday, thank you, happy anniversary, get well, etc.  We make the delivery special and memorable for the recipient.  

Set up/Take down:  We set up your decor and assure everything is to your satisfaction and then return and remove everything at a specified time pre-arranged with you.

$15.00 delivery, local delivery free.  

$50.00 set up/take down within a 30 miles/ $100.00 set/up take down over 30 miles.

Special Designs:  Large pieces to promote an event or stand out piece at a wedding or prom to create that special memory.   

Cinderella Carriage: $550.00

Lattace Arch: $350.00

Walk thru Star Arch: $250

Dance Floor Set Up: $650

Call to discuss design and pricing for sculptures and organic designs.

Candy Cups: These are 16oz cups filled with candy and topped with a balloon designed with latex balloons or foil topper.  Choice of candy is available.  May get cups filled with non-candy items for up charge.  Many different foils and latex balloon designs available.  Call for pricing for latex balloon designs.  Special pricing available for quantities of 10.   

Candy cups with small foil topper: $8.50 each;/ large foil topper $10.50.

Entertainment:  We provide balloon twisting and face painting  and walk around magic at birthday parties, festivals, fairs, family reunions, etc.

Rates vary depending on number of children and location of event.  Depending on the number of children and services requested, a two-hour minimum may be required.  Call for pricing.

Prices start at $100.00/ hour and up for balloon twisting and $125.00/ hour and up for face painting.  

Call for package rates.

Balloon Buddies:  These are latex or foil balloons (for those that have latex allergies) to bring joy and happiness.   They come with a heart and a poem to brighten their day.  

Prices are $25.00.