Air Raising Events is excited to announce we are joining a nationwide balloon campaign known as #adoptagrandparent.  The goal is to spread love, joy and happiness to our nursing home facilities.

Purchase a Balloon Buddy for $15.00 to "Adopt a Grandparent".   

Complete the 3 easy steps below to Adopt-a-Grandparent & send a Loving Balloon Buddy to every Grandparent you adopt. Adopt as many grandparents as you want--1, 2, 4 or more. Heck, you can even adopt an entire community.

Step 1:  Choose how many Grandparents you want to adopt

Bonuses for business/church sponsorship:

  • For every 10 grandparents you adopt, we will donate 1 adoption.
  • You will receive social media recognition.
  • When you adopt an entire Assisted Living Community of 50 or more residents, we will also put your company logo on the gift tag that is attached to the Balloon Buddy.
  • Your selected community will move to the top of the list to be started as soon as we complete the one we are currently serving. If you don't have a specific community, we will move to the next one on our list.
  • We will donate 3 Balloon Buddies toward the next community.
  • We will deliver a surprise balloon design to your business to brighten your employees' day.

 Step 2:  Decide how you want to pay.  Venmo, Paypal or Cash App.  

Step 3: If paying by Venmo or Cash app,  go to Venmo (sheryl watts cba) or Cash app ($wattssheryl) to pay.  If you are wanting to go to a specific "grandparent" be sure to comment which facility and "grandparent".

If you would like to receive an invoice, click over to my contact page and fill out.  In the subject put Adopt A Grandparent and in the  message section put send invoice.  The invoice will come from PayPal.  If you would like your Balloon Buddy to be sent to someone specific with a message from you; please fill out the contact page with your message.  Thank you.

If paying directly through Paypal, click the link Buy Now.  You will be directed to PayPal.‚Äč

Community, friend and family, please join us to help #spreadloveandkindness and #liftthemup!!!